What you need

This program is setup as an arrive and drive. All you, the driver needs is your racing gear:

1. Snell 2005 or newer race car helmet
2. Hans device
3. Racing gloves
4. Race suit
5. Race shoes
6. Nomex underwear (top, pants, socks)
7. Ear piece to connect to our car Motorola base
8. Cool shirt
9. Balaklava
10. Racing license
11. Sun glasses
12. Credit card

If you don’t already have a HSR or SVRA racing license, you will be required to get one. We can help with the paperwork. If you currently hold another type of racing license, please contact us so we can determine if you will be required to get any additional credentials.

You as the renter will gain free access to the race weekend and will be given your credentials when you arrive at the race track. If you are bringing other family members with you, you will be responsible for their tickets to gain access to the racing event. If you need help with extra tickets, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help you purchase them.