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RS Air Bottle
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The original RS Air Bottle was supplied by Porsche to inflate the 'space saver' tire on the Carrera RS.
These RS Air Bottles have been reproduced to look correct to the originals but with added safety measures.

The original bottles were filled with liquid CO2 at 800psi. If you look closely at an original bottle you will see that there is no regulator. As a result, you would effectively screw the hose onto your tire and unleash 800psi into the tire. This is not a safe, nor effective way to make sure you have the correct tire pressure. Another problem with these early bottles is that they lack any pressure safety on the valve itself. Without an overfill safety, these bottles cannot be legally or safely filled.

These reproduction bottles have an integrated safety valve and an in line regulator which can be screwed on when you are ready to use the bottle. The regulator lowers the air pressure down to 80psi which is the correct (and safe) way to fill a tire. By making the regulator and hose removable, this preserves the correct vintage look, but gives all of the safety of the modern design.

The labels have been reproduced and are identical to the original labels. The bottles are shipped empty and with the regulator and hose included. Also available are period correct tan and black tire straps for an additional cost to give that complete look to your car. A must have item to finish off your Porsche 911 or 912 front compartment!