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About us
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Established in 2008 as a racing team for historic racing events, MJE Motorsports also acts as a broker for selling special automobiles aswell as providing rare original parts for sale or by producing high quality remanufactured parts.

MJE Motorsports specialty is in old Porsche cars. We have over 15 years experience on Porsche 356 cars aswell as early 911 cars. We have raced extensively at many circuits around the United States aswell as some international circuits.

As well as brokering car sales, we purchase cars outright. If you have a car you are thinking of selling, please contact us so that we can inspect your car to determine if it is something we would be interested in purchasing.

Let us handle your car sales. We will clean and detail your car, shoot all the photo’s and write up all the sales material and advertise the car. We will then show your car to any interested in parties and then present to you all offers on the car. It is your choice then if you wish to accept any of the offers. We will then take a commission from the final sales price of the car. Please contact to discuss our commission charge.

If planning to buy a car from us, we can ship within the United States or internationally. We have shipped a number of cars throughout the USA and many cars to other international countries.